Not to Give Up

Abstract:The paper tell us a person.Forrest ,his IQ is just 75,his mother strives to make him no different from others.During his life,Forrest achieves a lot more than any people may dream of.Having gone through so much and being so successful,Forrest is still as innocent as a kid.By this story,we can learn to succeed and how to live a happy life.

Key Worlds:Forrest Gump,Not to Give Up,success.

After I watched the Forrest Gump,I was impressed.I admire Gump for his unyielding spirit,his life is wonderful and successful.He was a

millionaire,but he donated all his money.In his mind,it is good to enough money.He was a famous people,but he did not care.In his mind,it is a interest to he.Some people admire his luck,think that Fortune God sends fortune to fools.But I want to say ,even you have a good opportunity,you did not treasure it and nothing to do for it,you must to fail.When we doing something,we must make hard effort for it and insist it,we are sure to succeed.

In this movie,I think his mother is very great.It is a symbolize of all mother,she change his life and teach he to life better.there has a scene made me impressive,his mom always told he“you are not different,you are same just like other.”His mom send he to ordinary university,treat he like a normal child.Even her will died,her still told Forrest “that is idea of

God,let him not too sad.”Her words and deeds made a great influence to Forrest.Because of it,Forrest learn to insist doing something,never to give up.

In the course of serve in the army,Forrest could do best at all

time.When dangerous coming,he is brave.He saved many people in spite of threaten of death.After the war,he live up to his promise that because a catch shrimp people and help friend’family.Finally he made a fortune and because millionaire ,but he donated his money,he just want to live a platitudinous life.He has a good soul,someone think he is a fool,I just to say:”In fact,it is you heart too small”.If you have this idea,you never be succeed in life.Success is not depend on doing things by irregular ways and depend on doing things insistently.

For example,Ma Yun is the founder of Alibaba,but is not the begin of smooth sailing.He wanted to a good primary school,but he failed;He wanted to the key middle school,also he failed.He wanted to Harvard University,but he not a good grade,even he admitted to the University for three years before the exam.But he has the spirit of perseverance and courage,the end he succeed.There are a lot of examples like this,Mrs Curie found the radium by her insisted and Edison did three thousand experiments invented the light bulb so on.You may feel that these are too far away from you ,then I will tell you next to me and my own experience.

I have a good friend,she has a flaw,her leg is not as long.So,someone always made fun of her and she always stand next to see us playing.She knew that her body is flawed and can not do too much exercise,so she was hard in study.She always the first to school,the late to leave,she still insist this habit.Finally she admitted to a key university and achieved a major results in the study.Her life is not abandon,but by virtue of her ten years as a day to adhere to a colorful.I admired her persistence and bravery,she not to give up in study.I think we should learn her spirit,I believe that we also can create our wonderful life by our never give up.

Chinese there are many such saying.Such as:if you do not give up,the big stick can be turned into a small sewing needle.This is my

motto,and I have gained a lot from this sentence.When I was a child,I was a person who had no patience,and often did not insist on the end.Because of it,let me always behind other in study.My mother found this,so her let me read books about 30 minutes every day.She still urge me when I want to give up.In the end,I found I could concentrate on one thing and never give up halfway.I have made great progress in my studies and this good habits make a major impact on my life.So,I am more convinced of the facts that no matter how difficult things,as long as you do not give up,you will always have the harvest.

You can also look at the success of you side ,see how they were successful.A man’s success depends on his not giving up,no matter how

talented he is.Because the person’talent always have a dry day,when the time comes you nothing to depend on,only oneself.So those talented people do not have to fight for their talents.Man does a thing and insists on could success.So I wish each of us can create a successful life that belongs to us,the secret is not to give up.


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普通高中开设英语影视欣赏选修课初探 作者:牙煜尧


【摘 要】分析开设英语影视欣赏选修课的意义,探讨英语影视欣赏选修课的教材选择、教学方法和学业评价,提出开设英语影视欣赏选修课应注意的问题。

【关键词】高中 影视欣赏 英语选修课 开设

【中图分类号】 G 【文献标识码】 A


《普通高中英语课程标准(实验)》的“课程设计思路”部分中建议在高中开设英语选修课,其目的是为了满足不同学生的就业选择、升学深造以及个人的兴趣和发展。普通高中英语选修课程系列分为三类:语言知识与技能类、语言应用类和欣赏类。英语影视欣赏入门选修课就是欣赏类之一。目前,全国各地大中城市的普通高中都相继开设了这门选修课。近年来,一些高校和中小学教师对英语影视欣赏入门选修课进行了一定的研究,一些教育硕士生也把英语影视欣赏选修课作为毕业论文来探(本文来自:WwW.xiaOCaofAnweN.Com 小草范文 网:英语论文。影视欣赏类。词汇)讨和研究。开设英语影视欣赏选修课,其主要目的是为了满足学生在个人兴趣和发展方面的不同需要,为学生充分舒展个人潜能、张扬个性、拓展知识,进而提升英语综合能力和人文素养提供平台,为学生今后的职业选择、升学或深造创造条件。



(一)符合Kranshen 的情感过滤假设理论。美国语言学家Kranshen的情感过滤假设理论(Affective Filter Hypothesis)认为:情感因素对语言输入起着过滤的作用。过滤得越少,就越有利于语言习得的发生。带有消极情感因素的学习者不仅不会主动地获取输入,即使能够获得语言输入,也不可能习得它们。对于外语学习持积极态度的人,他们能够较好地习得语言。因此,要想让学生在轻松、愉快的情境下学得英语,教师必须克服学生不必要的情感因素,激发学生的学习动机,培养学生的学习兴趣。





课程名称(英文):Appreciation of English Classic Films and Television Plays 课程类型:历史与文化类 适用范围:贵州大学各专业本科生

学时数:32 其中:实验/实践学时: 课外学时:无

周学时:2 学分数:2 考核方式:考查 制订单位:外国语学院制订日期:2014-07-10执笔者:张 涛













英语影视课的教学既要注意结合各门课程所学内容,打好扎实的语言基本功,又要突出语言交际能力的培养,注重培养学生的跨文化交际能力。在教学中,要正确引导学生学习中西文化的差异,处理好欣赏和批判的关系以及如何正确接受西方文化的方法。 教学方法:





教 材:

Andrew LynnAppreciating Cinema 《英语电影赏析》外语教学与研究出版社, 2005年 参考书:

徐志英 邓 杉 赵 蓉 英语电影视听说 外语教学与研究出版社, 2009年




An Introduction to English Films



This section attempts to:

1. Introduce the commonsense of films, the history of films.

2. Introduce the Cinematic words and Phrases, the Films Prizes, Ratings System, and the Gee of English Films.

3. Get to know some well-known American and British Actors, Actresses and Directors. 教学要求:

After learning this section, the students should have some basic knowledge of films, the history of films, features of films, some famous Film Prizes,some famous Actors, Actresses and Directors. 【内容提要】

第一节Understanding Film 第二节Cinematic words and Phrases 第三节Film Prizes and Gee of Films

第四节Biographies of some well-known American and British Actors, Actresses and Directors



Film HistoryFilm Prizes Gee of Films 教学难点:

Film techniques Ratings SystemGee of English Films.


1. Introducing some major Film Awards in detail. 2. Explaining the four categories of the Ratings System. 3. Naming the main gees of English Films with examples.


Comedy Films



This section attempts to:

1. Give a brief introduction of Comedy Films.

2. Exemplify comedy films by the film Forrest Gump (1994) as a gee, and in particular to consider what it is to give rise to humor. 教学要求:

After learning this section, your task is to have a basic understanding of Comedy Films, the definition of Comedy Films, the theme of comedy films, and the main ideas and relations among the characters of the film. 【内容提要】

第一节Introduction of Comedy Films

第二节Understanding of the film Forrest Gump 第三节Close Study of the film Forrest Gump c 第四节Reflection of the film Forrest Gump



an introduction of Comedy Filmscultural Background of the Film appreciation of Forrest Gump (1994) Gumpism as a Philosophy 教学难点:

the theme of comedy films Gumpism as a PhilosophyGump and America


1. Give the working definition of Comedy Films.

2. Forrest is an ordinary person, but does something extraordinary, which serves as a typical example of the realization of American dream.

3. Forrest Gump is regarded as a contemporary American cultural classic. Through three turbulent decades of his life, what major political and cultural event in contemporary American history has

Forrest experienced?

4. Compose the plot summary of Forrest Gump.

第三部分 Social Drama Film



This section attempts to:

1. Give us a brief introduction of Social Drama Film. 2. Exemplify social drama film by the film 教学要求:

After learning this section, your task is to have a basic understanding of Social Drama Film, be able to consider poverty, inequality, discrimination, racism or exclusion can contribute to our understanding. 【内容提要】

第一节Introduction of the Film American Beauty 第二节Understanding of the Film American Beauty 第三节Close Study of the Film American Beauty 第四节Reflection of the Film American Beauty



Social Drama Film and SynopsisCentral Narrative Concern or Conflict 教学难点:

Social Drama Film and Synopsis Social Problem Narrative Pattern


1. What’s your general impression upon the film? What does the film mean to you?

2. Which characters are treated sympathetically in American Beauty, and which are treated unsympathetically?

3. Where else does the rose symbolism occur in American Beauty.